Tuesday - 7pm Restorative (with gong meditation)

Wednesday - 7pm Zumba

Friday - 9:30am Zumba

Earth Gong Bath - 2nd/3rd Friday of each month

Restorative Yoga - This class is gentle and slow paced with a focus on relaxation. It is a powerful antidote to a busy, stressful life! In this class, we mix some easy stretching with restorative yoga poses. A restorative yoga pose uses props to set up the body in an ultra comfortable position so that we can stay in the pose for several minutes. This allows a much deeper release than is available in almost any other form of yoga. Gongs and singing bowls are played while you are in the poses to further relax and heal body and mind. If you are interested in relieving pain, physical and mental stress, and treating yourself well, this class is for you!

Zumba -  Zumba Fitness is a dance inspired workout set to great music that builds core strength and overall health. No dance experience or ability required, I promise! The easy to follow routines will be repeated so that you learn the choreography and can feel comfortable with the moves. Bring sneakers, your smile, and create greater health for yourself in body and mind! Zumba classes are now $5.


Earth Gong Bath- There is more and more research coming out about the powerful healing benefits of sound vibrations. At Simplify, we offer two gong baths a month so that you can receive the healing, transformative benefits. I lead the first gong bath of the month which focuses on letting go of what no longer serves so you can root and ground into the life you want. Please check out the Simplify Yoga website for more information on the gong baths!

Simplify Yoga building

$14 drop in rate ($12 senior/student)   $65 6 Class Card   $100 unlimited month

Monday - 9:30am Zumba

This super fun class burns calories, strengthens your core, and builds cardio-vascular health, all while you have fun and dance! It's what I call exercise in disguise. Don't worry, you don't have to have any dancing experience or ability, this is an easy to follow class where we repeat the same steps and same songs so you can naturally learn the routines. Be sure to check out Coventry Group Fitness for more info on pricing and the other great classes they have to offer!

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