My Work

Current and past examples of my design and social media work.

Simplify Yoga Website

In January 2018, I was hired by Simplify Yoga to completely redesign their website. I continue to maintain, update, and create content for the website as needed. I worked with Michelle, the owner of Simplify, to figure out the branding (colors, feel, etc) and from there worked on creating something clean, easy to navigate, and engaging. 

Simplify Yoga Social

I created Simplify's Instagram account and post daily there and to Facebook with content I have created from scratch (and the occasional meme!). I have taken most of the pictures used on Simplify's social and website. I am also in charge of managing Facebook and creating events, ads, and boosting posts. I also am in charge of writing and sending an email newsletter monthly.

Peaceful Pets Website

I was hired by Amy Hagan, owner of Peaceful Pets Dog Hiking, to build a simple website to help grow her business. Amy chose a color scheme that spoke to her, we decided on a clean but fun feel for the website, and this was the final result. I used a logo and pictures Amy already had but created the layout and the copy for the site.


When Sarah Harvey took over Fresh Face Skincare, she hired me to redesign and update the website. She wanted a calm, professional, but welcoming feel that could appeal to men and women. Using pictures and some copy Sarah already had, I fleshed out the content, adjusted what needed to be changed, and created a streamlined, clean look. I'm really proud of how it turned out! 

Other Work

- I volunteer with the Summer Arts and Festival Organization to help promote their Race to the Stage and  Summer's End event. I am in charge of posting and updating their Facebook page since 2018.

- I work part time as a graphic design assistant at Pear Ink Design

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